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GET A HEAD START!Because the services we offer are essentially free to our clients, it's imperative that we reserve our time and resources for determined entrepreneurs who are serious about their endevour."FREE" - as per our definition, only refers to monetary matters but make no mistake, our opportunities will cost you. It will cost you at the very least, your time.Therefore, to help weed out those simply looking for something quick and easy, as well as vet potential individuals, the following minimum requirements MUST be met in order to be eligible for any and all VetBiz Consulting services and/or offers:

(01)MILITARY/VETERAN VERIFICATIONSign up for a free Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (SCRA) account to begin the process of verifying your military status.FYI: You will be asked for company information. Simply repeat your personal information in this section.- Upon setting up your SCRA account, you will need to submit a Single Record Request to obtain a report certifying Title 10 active duty status for provisions under SCRA.YOUR PRIVACY IS PROTECTED- Download and save the populated SCRA .pdf form.- Rename the above .pdf file in the
following format:
MilitaryConfirm-LastNameFirstInitial-SSNLast4EXAMPLE: MilitaryConfirm-DavisB-1234- Email said form to:
with subject line:
(use the date provided at the top right of the populated .pdf)
EXAMPLE: MilitaryConfirm-DavisB-08NOV2022


(02)REGULATION CROWDFUNDINGSince our primary services have a "regulation crowdfunding" focus, it's advisable that you become familiar with this SEC funding exemption option prior to applying for any of our support packages.

(03)VETERAN ENTREPRENEUR EDUCATION (PT-1)Complete at least ONE of the following veteran entrepreneur education programs and obtain a certificate of completion between January 1, 2022 - January 1, 2024:(a) Boots to Business(b) Vet-to-CEO (Warrior Rising)(c) DAV Patriot Boot Camp(d) Service2CEO

(04)VETERAN ENTREPRENEUR EDUCATION (PT-2)Yes, there's more education to obtain. As a business owner and professional, you should always be learning. So, start getting into the mindset that education should never end.That being said, you will need to sign up for a free account with our virtual training partner, Alison, via VetBiz Consulting in order to complete the additional courses we require.If nothing else, this will perhaps give you insight, help you brush up on some rusty skills and/or reinforce what you learn in any of the veteran entrepreneur education programs listed above (or elsewhere).If you already have an Alison account, you will need to establish a new one with a different email for the purpose of fulling our requirements.All required courses are listed just after the Service Requirements list you are currently reviewing.

(05)BUSINESS FORMATIONIf applicable, determine your business formation. Read the following articles to get an understanding of each option before you commit.> Business Formation Types: Everything You Need to Know> Experts Explain How Creating an LLC Is the Smartest First Business Move> 3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make During LLC Formation

(06)STATE REQUIREMENTsEnsure you are familiar with the requirements for the state you are choosing to incorporate in. For example, California allows for a sole member nonprofit corporation. However, it requires a 2 person board. Additionally, while the board president may hold more than one position, they cannot concurrently hold the secretary/treasurer positions. In contrast, North Carolina allows for a sole member nonprofit corporation through out.*FYI, some resources you find on the internet may imply that your desired state is not allowed to incorporate online. This may or may not be true. We have discovered this in reference to California and this information is false, for we have successfully done so ourselves. It does appear however, via our incorporation service partner, ALL 50 states are currently allowing online incorporations.Review the following articles for insight:> Which State Should You Incorporate In?> Learn More About Incorporation Requirements In Your State> State-By-State Requirements For Professional Entities In All 50 States

(07)COUNTY/CITY REQUIREMENTsInclusive to state registration requirements, ensure you are familiar with the requirements for the county and/or city you are choosing to operate in. There are licenses and permits to consider. This still applies for online businesses in most areas.

(08)FUNDING OPTIONsConsider this > Business Formation Determines Funding Options - There are countless funding options available to businesses. As the startup numbers continue to expand, so do the financing opportunities for business owners looking to launch. The question is, which funding option is best for you?> 10 Funding Options for Your Startup Business (non-conclusive)

(09)NAME YOUR BUSINESSIf applicable, name your business. Use Namelix as an aid to generate ideas.* Also determine whether or not you want to operate under a Fictitious Business Name (FBN) / Doing Business As (DBA). FBNs & DBAs are essentially the same thing. They are typically referred to one or the other in accordance with the state/county/city.> What’s a Fictitious Business Name (FBN) / “Doing Business As” (DBA) and Can it Benefit Your Business?

(10)EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (EIN)If applicable, apply for and obtain a free IRS-EIN number.DO NOT PAY TO OBTAIN THIS! You can apply online and the process is relatively easy and hassle free.


Again, as a business owner and professional, you should always be learning. So, education should never end.Ensure you sign up for a free account with our virtual training partner, Alison, via VetBiz Consulting in order to complete the courses we will require below.[As a reminder, if you already have an Alison account, you will need to establish a new one with a different email for the purpose of fulling our requirements.]{#91825D}The list may feel daunting but no worries, all courses are interactive, self-paced, have no time limit and the average time of completion for each, is 1-5 hours. What's even better, Alison has a fully functional (Android/iOS) app that will allow you to work on your courses via any mobile device you'd like!Once you’ve setup your Alison account, you can enroll in any available course. You may review each required course description by clicking the applicable course name below.We apologize in advance if any of the materials seem redundant to you or you're an expert in the topic but we deem it necessary to possibly establish a foundation for the novice, perhaps administer a refresher for the proficient and reinforce the information provided in the veteran education programs.Outlined immediately below, is the current list of required courses in accordance with the package you may choose to apply for.Review the Services Summary to recap.




Veterans Owned Business

“If you have it in you to take that oath, then you have it in you to start a business and to succeed at it…”
~ Greg Coleman,
U.S. Air Force Veteran
& Co-Founder of


VAMBOA – Veterans and Military Business Owners Association

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